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The not-for-profit or "third" sector represents some 10% of economic activity and employment in most economically developed countries. Not-for-profit organisations serve the public good. The sector is made up, in Ireland, of circa 20,000 organisations in areas such as:

  • Arts, Culture, Media

  • Recreation, Sports

  • Education, Research

  • Health

  • Social Services

  • Development, Housing

  • Environment

  • Advocacy, Law, Politics

  • Philantrophy, Voluntarism

  • International

  • Religion

  • Professional, Vocational

Not-for-profit organisations are unique in not being owned by an individual(s) or the state and being precluded from distributing any financial surplus. They exist to deliver on their mission and are generally funded by a mix of state, earned and private sources. The principal private source is philanthropy.

2into3 transforms not-for-profits through consulting, recruitment and research. Our team builds capacity through fundraising strategy development, organisational strategy development, talent acquisition,change management and evidence-informed decision-making. 

Since 2006, 2into3 have assisted a wide range of not-for-profits by consulting on the development of organisational and fundraising strategies. We have also assisted these organisations in recruiting talent to fund and deliver on missions. In addition, 2into3 gather and analyse data to provide insights on the sector and build sector-wide capacity in fundraising. 

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