Many charities all too dependent on State aid in an uncertain climate of shrinking resources

By Carl O'Brien, The Irish Times, Wed Aug 15 2012. Many charities across the State are experiencing a double whammy of reductions in income just as demand for services is soaring. After expanding in an era where Government funding and public donations seemed plentiful, much of the sector is adjusting to an uncertain world where shrinking resources and survival are the name of the game.

RAISE: Building Fundraising Capacity, a new initiative from the Arts Council working with 2into3

The Arts Council will work with 2into3 in partnership with Networking Matters to advise on selection and engage with the nominated arts organisations to build their fundraising capacity

Collaborating in Good and Bad Times for the Right Reasons

By Peter Kramer - Chronicle of Philanthropy

US Most-Generous Donors Gave More in 2011

The Chronicle of Philanthropy - Most-Generous Donors Gave More in 2011 but Still Lag Their Pre-Recession Pace

The budding philanthropists putting Ireland first - Irish Times

IRELAND HAS NEVER been too keen on philanthropy. Big-time giving, long a feature of the United States, is a bit of an alien concept here. Irish people give generously to the Third World and disaster appeals, but when it comes to education and social services we have mostly been content for the Government or the Catholic Church to pick up the tab.

Major breakthrough by ICTR on donations tax relief

The government has announced a significant new initiative to further support fundraising initiatives by charities to promote planned giving, involving simplifying the rules governing tax relief on charitable donations.

Nonprofit sector a significant source of employment, economic activity

Nonprofits are a major source of employment: some 100,000 people work in 8,000 nonprofit companies documented in the Irish Nonprofits Database. These companies generate total income of more than €6bn, they have pay costs in the order of €3.5bn and cash assets of €1.7bn. News Release by Irish Nonprofits Knowledge Exchange.

Haiti: Now is Not the Time to Scale Back

On the two year anniversary of the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti on Jan. 12, 2010, I feel it is important to reflect on the very significant progress that has been achieved in helping people recover from one of the world's worst natural disasters on record, and to address some of the criticism about the efforts of international aid agencies. Tom Arnold CEO of Concern Worldwide US and Concern Worldwide Huffington Post

Ireland second most charitable nation

CHARLIE TAYLOR Ireland has been ranked the most charitable country in Europe and the second most charitable nation in the world, according to a new survey.

Why Wealthy Women Give: to Influence the Young

By Holly Hall - The Chronicle of Philanthropy Wealthy women are far more likely than rich men to make charitable donations as a way to honor the legacy of someone they care about or to serve as an example to young people, according to new study released Monday by Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

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