Winding down of philanthropic businesses will create 50m Euro funding vacuum

Services will close unless new private donors are found, charities warn Charitable organisations considering laying off staff in the coming year. There is a real possibility that highly successful work will be closed down if the money isn’t there Turning non-governmental organisations into business-like models can mean a loss of impact.

Tapping alumni for cash can help solve funding crisis

Philanthropic giving is on the increase in Ireland, and universities need to get their share

Surprise as charities' fundraising rises by 4pc to hit €4.9bn

DEFYING expectations, a new report carried out by 2into3 shows that the Irish non-profit sector raised almost 4pc more in 2011 than in the previous year.

Poor regulation in €5bn charity sector, report finds

The report, based on an analysis of accounts from 1,000 charities, shows funds continue to rise despite the recession, with about €4.9bn raised in 2011.

Charity funds up 4pc

IRISH charities boosted funds by almost 4pc in one year.

McIlroy sets up charitable foundation

Rory McIlroy has set up his own foundation to help children's charities around the world.

How Northern Ireland became the new Finland

Teachers and policymakers in Northern Ireland got a surprise Christmas present last month, in the shape of an enviable slot in international literacy and numeracy rankings. According to the study, Northern Irish primary pupils performed better in reading and numeracy than in any other English speaking country in the world.

Not-for-profit organisations face fight for survival

The recent week-long closure of children’s charity Barnardos brings the fundraising crisis in the not-for-profit sector sharply into focus. In today’s world, the calibre of leader required for a not-for-profit and the level of commercial understanding they possess, must be at least equivalent to that of those leadership peers in premier division international commercial firms operating in their field, writes 2into3's Neil Pope.

Many charities all too dependent on State aid in an uncertain climate of shrinking resources

By Carl O'Brien, The Irish Times, Wed Aug 15 2012. Many charities across the State are experiencing a double whammy of reductions in income just as demand for services is soaring. After expanding in an era where Government funding and public donations seemed plentiful, much of the sector is adjusting to an uncertain world where shrinking resources and survival are the name of the game.

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