The not-for-profit sector is a significant part of most developed economies representing up to 10% of economic activity and employment. In developing economies it is even more significant in the delivery of a range of services such as education, health and social services. In Ireland most people are born and treated in not-for-profit hospitals, educated in not-for-profit schools and colleges, participate in not-for-profit sports clubs, worship in not-for-profit churches and enjoy art from not-for-profit theatres, galleries and festivals. Not-for-profit organisations are deliver crucial services that assist the disadvantaged, advocate, research and generally work for the public benefit.

Not-for-profit organisations are unique in not being owned by an individual(s) or the state and are precluded from distributing any financial surplus.They exist to deliver on their mission, usually established on foundation, and are funded in general by a mix of state, earned and private sources. The principal private source is philanthropy. 

2into3's assists not-for-profits develop and deliver on their missions via its strategy consulting practice and access philanthropy via its fundraising consulting practice.


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