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Securing a Sports Capital Grant can be an essential pillar in the funding model used for capital projects for Sporting Organisations.

The State, via the department of Transport Tourism and Sports, uses the National Lottery Funds to support capital investment by both national Governing Bodies and Sports Clubs through the Sports Capital Programme. A call for funding is usually made each year and funds are allocated by County(to local and non-local projects). In 2016 €6.1m was allocated to 43 non-local projects and €34.9m was allocated to 824 local projects.

In the 2017 round, which closed for applications on 24th February 2017 2,179 sporting bodies have applied for €30m in available funds and allocations are expected to be made by Quarter 3 2017. A significant number of applications are usually deemed invalid and the balance compete for the scarce funds available with applications exceeding funds available, in 2017 for instance, by a factor of 9 to 1.

2into3's consulting practice can assist Sporting Organisations secure these grants. 2into3 helped secure €400,000 for 2 projects in the 2014 round and are working on 4 projects seeking €450,000 in the 2017 round. 

2into3 works with Sporting Bodies using the following model:







Review: Diagnostic of ability to meet the grant requirements 

Scope: Establishing how much could be applied for

Plan: Establishing the timeframe needed to prepare a grant application and steps needed to be in a position to apply

Application: Assisting in grant application preparation

Case: Preparing support materials for stakeholders

Support: Project managing the application process


If your organisation is considering applying for a grant in the next round (2018) and you would like to learn about how 2into3's expertise can help please contact 2into3's Dennis O'Connor on +353 (0)1 234 3184.

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