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‘Mastering Change’ will introduce a framework for evaluating change in not-for-profit organisations and equip participants with change agent skills and the ability to facilitate a change intervention.








The masterclass will examine the unique context of change in not-for-profit organisations before considering the most suitable change management techniques and methods. Together, we will work through the entire change cycle from creating a business case and change plan, to communicating change, managing resistance and learning from change. Throughout, a values-driven approach is taken which recognises that change in not-for-profit organisations needs to be culturally-sensitive and values-aware.

The masterclass will incorporate a break-out session where participants will work on one of the following based on the stage/nature of change in their organisation:

  • Develop a strong argument to convince stakeholders of the need for the proposed change.

  • Identify the most likely resistors and develop a plan for managing resistance to change.

  • Identify the key lessons learnt from the recent change initiative and explain how they will impact on how change is managed in the future.


  • Understand different approaches to the management of change and identify which are most suitable for not-for-profits.

  • Evaluate change management concepts and techniques.

  • Appraise strategies and models for implementing change.

  • Become familiar with a framework for managing change in not-for-profits.

  • Understand change agent skills and be capable of facilitating a change intervention.

  • Evaluate reactions to change and strategies to deal with reactions.


For more information about the 2into3 Change Masterclasses, please contact 2into3 Consultant, Amy Power at or on 01-234-3165

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