Fundraised income accounts for 10% of the not-for-profit sector’s funding model. In 2015, income from philanthropic sources totalled €823million or 1% of GDP. The not-for-profit sector experienced a 6% increase in fundraised income in 2015, despite the scandals. The cost of fundraising has remained steady in Ireland, with the cost to raise €1 in 2015 being 31c. Ireland is a generous nation by frequency, but not by quantum. In terms of Ireland’s per capita giving of €176 we lag behind the U.K’s per capital giving of €376.

It is clear from these figures that fundraising is an important component in the funding of not-for-profits. There is however a need for more large scale giving in Ireland and for organisations to diversify existing fundraising income sources. Establishing and implementing a fundraising strategy or indeed re-examining existing fundraising strategy can be the first step along this journey.

2into3 can support your organisation and its fundraising strategy requirements in a range of ways, including:

For further information on any of 2into3’s fundraising strategy requirements please contact 2into3 Consultant Amy Power at or call direct on 01 234 3165.

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