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The funding model of a not-for-profit (including charities) is ideally a mixture of income from the state, earned income, philanthropy (or voluntary income) and sponsorship. Philanthropy & Sponsorship are combined as Private Investment and organisations seeking that support are fundraising.

Fundraising from philanthropy, in Ireland and the U.K, is growing- reaching €845m in Ireland in 2014. Not-for-profits engaged in fundraising are in a competitive marketplace. It is also, at scale, a professional endeavour with average cost to raise €1 in Ireland at 30 cents in 2014. Investment decisions in fundraising can benefit from professional advice and 2into3 works with organisations faced with the following challenges:

  • Entering fundraising for the first time

  • Considering a new fundraising strategy due to an updated or changing organisational strategy

  • Looking at significantly increased fundraising goals

  • Assessing fundraising performance

  • Looking to change their fundraising mix

  • Wanting to enter or increase the level of relationship fundraising

  • Considering a significant investment in fundraising

If your organisation is faced with one (or more) of these challenges you could benefit from our Fundraising strategy development or Fundraising review services. 



To learn more about our Fundraising Consulting services please contact 2into3's Amy Power  on +353 (0) 12343165


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