Risk Planning and Management

Managing Risk

Risk management is about pro-actively protecting your staff, clients, supporters and other stakeholders.  Spending some time in a structured, thorough process of examining your organisation, governance, processes, operations and fundraising can help identify areas of weakness, raise safety, strengthen your resilience, bolster trust, and future-proof your organisation against myriad threats and issues which might cause disruption.  
Risks, accidents and negative events don't just happen to other people and organisations!  Avoid un-necessary issues and problems by investing some time into a Risk Review - we can help you through the process of developing a comprehensive risk plan and policy through masterclasses, workshops or full detailed consulting engagements, depending on your size and individual context.

2into3 can support your organisation and its risk management requirements in a range of ways, including:

For further information on any of 2into3’s Risk Planning & Management Services please contact 2into3 Consultant, Amy Power at amy.power@2into3.com or call direct on 01 234 3165, or 2into3 Associate, Joe Houghton at joe.houghton@2into3.com or 086 384 3670.





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