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The environment in which not-for-profits inhabit is constantly changing as society and the social contract which underpins it continues to evolve. In Ireland the degree of change has, in many ways, been deeper and faster for an economically developed society than perhaps anywhere else in the world. Until 2008 the economic environment had become an almost uniformly positive factor with a dramatic increase in the scale of funding available from the State, combined with an increase in philanthropic giving. In 2011 the economic situation for all Irish not-for-profit organisations changed dramatically and is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. The ability of the State to support the third sector is compromised and the capacity of the Irish donor to give has been reduced.

Despite the fears, the following initiatives can be considered in order to best serve the achievement of a not-for-profit’s mission and goals:

  •     Confirm that the current goals and priorities are appropriate.

  •     Match resources to Mission, Goals and Priorities.

  •     Consider the role of innovation in the organisation.

  •     Amalgamate.

  •     Share functions or services.

  •     Develop a long term strategic funding plan.  

  •     Decide the income level on which operations can currently be reasonably based.

  •     Decide how costs can be adjusted to reflect the new economic realities.

  •     Benchmark staffing and remuneration.

  •     Increase volunteering.

  •     Review the not-for-profit’s mission effectiveness

If you are a CEO or a Board member of a not-for-profit looking to lead the process of change and ensure the best attainable results are achieved for your organisation, our strategy practice can help.


For information on our Strategy Consulting Services please contact Dennis O'Connor or +353 (0)1 234 3184 

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