How does the 2into3 Not-for-profit Graduate Programme work?

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    Client agrees a mandate for 2into3 to place a trainee for a specific purpose and with a view to future employment.

  • 2into3 advertises role and shortlists suitable candidates.

  • Client makes a selection.

  • 2into3 works with client and successful candidate to develop objectives and learning plan.

  • 2into3 works with client and trainee to ensure ongoing performance.

  • 2into3 works with client and trainee to close assignment.


 Trainee Support Structure:

  • Trainee is mentored by 2into3's Director: monthly sessions for the duration of the traineeship that assist the trainee in areas including: setting direction, clarifying goals both personal and professional, assessing their skills, gaining support, advice and mentoring.

  • Membership of the 2into3 trainee network.

  • Invitation to attend quarterly round table events.

  • Informal support through email check ins/phone calls.

  • Inclusion to LinkedIn group page.




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