Areas of Expertise

Arts, Culture, Media

Due to increasing demands on not-for-profit models, we recognise the importance of building capacity and strengthening every tier of arts, culture and heritage organisations. We aim to augment the efforts of these organisations and ensure the sustainability of their product as they seek to inspire, educate and entertain audiences across Ireland and around the world.

Advocacy, Law and Politics

The not-for-profit sector works on behalf of some of society's most vulnerable groups, both nationally and internationally. 2into3 offer support to law, advocacy and politics organisations become more sustainable, independent and to deliver the best practice possible. 


Development and Housing

2into3 works with organisations supporting and working for affordable housing or providing assisted living accommodation and sheltered housing.


Education and Research

Education is fundamental to both social and economic development. Recent funding cuts in education have created new and profound challenges for those operating in the sector. 2into3 works with Educational institutions to diversify their funding model.



Health focused not-for-profits are an essential component of healthcare and service delivery in Ireland. 2into3 recognise the importance of the role of these organisations and works with them to achieve a sustainable and impactful future.



We are Ireland's not-for-profit specialists, but this does not limit our expertise to Ireland. We are committed to assisting organisations in impacting social change all across the globe. Borders should not be considered barriers. 




Religious associations, congregations or orders of any religious denomination, including those engaged in missionary activity; parish or diocesan bodies.



1 NP social services banner Thumbnail0Social Services

The Social Services Sector endeavours to improve the welfare of those who face inequality of access, income and opportunity in society. 2into3 offer support to social service organisations to help create sustainable, more independent not-for-profits, who can deliver critical assistance to those most in need in our society.


Sport and Recreation

At 2into3 we believe that philanthropic giving has an increasingly important role to play in the development and funding of Irish Sport.








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