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At 2into3 we believe in the value that arts, culture and heritage organisations bring to individuals and communities. Through our consulting services and leadership recruitment we endeavour to support those shaping our cultural landscape. As economic demands continue to test not-for-profit models, we recognise the importance of building capacity and strengthening every tier of arts, culture and heritage organisations to support creative output. 2into3’s services aim to augment organisations' processes and ensure the sustainability of their product as they seek to inspire, educate and entertain audiences across Ireland and around the world. 




RAISE Pilot Programme 

Initiated ​by the Arts Council in 2012, the RAISE pilot was designed to offer organisations tools, skills and resources to significantly increase the investment they secure from private sources.

Building capacity to fundraise for an arts organisation requires both a developed plan and a dedicated resource in the form of a fundraiser to make the ‘ask’. The RAISE programme, built on this premise, has involved two phases; an intervention for 6 large organisations (annual turnover >€800,000) and 5 medium organisations (annual turnover >€300,000     <€800,000).

Preliminary figures from the second year of the Arts Council's three-year RAISE fundraising pilot project show a year-on-year growth of 18 percent over 2013 and 52 percent growth over 2012 amongst the 10 participating arts organisations.
In 2012 some €1.7 million was raised from voluntary income and sponsorship in the participating organisations, with the figure for 2014 rising to €2.6 million.

The RAISE initiative was launched to build capacity for arts organisations to fundraise effectively. The project is designed to offer organisations tools, skills and resources to increase significantly the investment they secure from private sources.
The organisations involved in the RAISE pilot are: Irish Film Institute, Galway Arts Festival, Wexford Festival Opera, Royal Hibernian Academy, Na Piobiari Uileann, Chamber Choir Ireland, Association of Irish Choirs, Hawks Well Theatre, Irish Architecture Foundation and The Model.

Achievements to date:

All RAISE Organisations Total 2014 Total 2013 Total 2012

Total 2014 vs 2012

Total Voluntary Income (excluding in-kind) €1,095,000 €1,028,000 €601,000 82%
Total Sponsorship (excluding in-kind) €690,000




Total In-kind




Total Private Investment €2,590,000 €2,196,000 €1,706,000




St Patricks Festival

St. Patrick’s Festival’s principal aim is to develop a major annual international festival around the national holiday over which the Irish people can stand proud. 2into3 is currently working with St. Patrick’s Festival, providing implementation support by way of contract for services to develop a fundraising strategy.


The Irish Landmark Trust

The Irish Landmark Trust

The Irish Landmark Trust saves heritage buildings throughout the island of Ireland that are at risk of being lost through neglect or inappropriate use; conserving and restoring these buildings so they can be let as holiday homes. This allows these wonderful heritage buildings to be enjoyed by the present and future generations. 2into3 worked with Irish Landmark Trust in developing a fundraising strategy and have recruited an intern to support the fundraising function.


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Wexford Opera Festival 

Wexford Festival Trust is one of the longest established cultural organisations in Ireland, producing the annual Wexford Opera Festival for the past sixty one years, and owns and operates the state-of-the-art Wexford Opera House, which has been its home since 2008. 2into3 have recruited the CEO for Wexford Festival Opera. 



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