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2into3 are Ireland's not-for-profit specialists, but this does not limit our expertise to Ireland. We are committed to assisting organisations in impacting social change all across the globe. Borders should not be considered barriers. Previously, our international scope has included the following change projects.

christian brothers

Christian Brothers African Province 

Christian Brothers from Ireland was first introduced to the African continent at Kimberley in 1897. The Christian Brothers community believes strongly in the Joy of Brotherhood, the love of God, sharing the search for God and experience, a strong commitment to justice, the rights of the poor, disadvantaged and oppressed and empowering people through education. In consulting with the African Province of the Christian Brothers in Mission, we assisted in developing a relevant and widely accepted Social Mission, a strategic plan to advance the mission, an operational plan, structures required to implement, monitor and evaluate the strategic and operational plans and formulation of the policies required to improve organisational structures and processes.

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Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation

Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation helps deepen reconciliation within and between communities on the island of Ireland and in selected contexts internationally. Glencree focuses on dealing with the legacies of violence, building peaceful and shared futures and transforming violent conflict. 2into3 worked with Glencree in developing a fundraising strategy and have supported the implementation of the organisation's fundraising function.

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Misean Cara

Misean Cara works to bring about transformation through supporting missionary organisations and their partners, who are involved in promoting poverty eradication, education, health care, social justice, peace, the integrity of creation, and inter-religious collaboration. 2into3 worked with Misean Cara to recruit the organisation's Chief Executive Officer and Financial Controller.

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