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The Social Services Sector endeavours to improve the welfare of those who face inequality of access, income and opportunity in society. 2into3 offer support to social services organisations to help create sustainable, more independent not-for-profits, who can deliver critical assistance to those most in need in our society.





Central Remedial Clinic


CRC is one of the largest organisations in Ireland dedicated to the achievements, wellbeing and health of people with physical disabilities. 2into3 has worked with CRC to develop a fundraising strategy and provide implementation support by way of recruitment services.

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Active Retirement Ireland Thumbnail0Active Retirement Ireland 

Active Retirement Ireland is a national network of over 500 local Active Retirement Associations with over 23,000 members. ARI’s mission is to enable retired people to enjoy a full and active life and to advocate on their behalf. 2into3 was asked to prepare a fundraising strategy for ARI to work in conjunction with their organisation’s current strategic plan. The fundraising strategy was predicated upon a new vision for the future – a vision based on growth – growth of membership, growth of influence and growth of capacity to deliver the best services to all ARI members. 2into3 also recruited a fundraiser to support implementation of the fundraising plan. 


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Focus Ireland

Focus Ireland works to prevent people becoming, remaining or returning to homelessness. Focus Ireland engaged 2into3 to recruit three interns to join its fundraising interns. All three have gone on to become permanent members of staff with one recently nominated as 2016 Best Emerging Fundraiser at the Fundraising Ireland Excellence in Fundraising Awards.


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