Fundraising Masterclass

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Fundraising Strategy Masterclasses equip participants with the structure and knowledge needed to develop a fundraising strategy.




Using the best available evidence, participants will be informed of the fundraising landscape in Ireland as well as core fundraising concepts and principles necessary to develop a fundraising strategy. Participants will also be introduced to key organisational principles needed to fundraise effectively and the wide role key stakeholders play at all levels of the organisation in developing and implementing a fundraising strategy.

Participants will be guided through a fundraising plan case study illustrating the balancing of methods with organisational resources, the rationale for method selection and resource requirements necessary for successful implementation.


  • Methods of fundraising, both theoretical and practical and a clear picture of the Irish philanthropic landscape.

  • What a fundraising strategy is, and the steps required to develop one.


  • Organisational fundraising dependencies and reflective questioning to assess organisational readiness to engage in fundraising strategy development.


For more information about the 2into3 Fundraising Strategy Masterclasses, please contact 2into3 Consultant, Amy Power at or on 01 2343165

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