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A group consulting model tailored to support the needs of smaller clients in the area of fundraising strategy development. For each workshop series, 2into3 will work with up to 5 organisations in a high quality collaborative process in order to develop capacity and customised fundraising strategies. During the 10 workshops participants develop an achievable, organisation-specific fundraising strategy, gain an in-depth knowledge of the fundraising marketplace, an awareness of how to identify prospects and skills to ask for support.














A group workshop model, using a proven approach to preparing a fundraising strategy; participants will develop a tailored fundraising strategy using tools and templates which build organisational capacity as well as readiness to engage in fundraising implementation. The organisations work through the stages of the process simultaneously with advice and instruction.





Board member, Dublin Dance Festival 

“This was a rigorously designed and structured 10-week programme, which involved homework between sessions, and useful group exercises during the workshops. Having the benefit of 2into3’s expertise and research on the non-profit sector in Ireland generally, and on specific fundraising tools and tested methodologies, has been invaluable.”



Board member, Russborough House and Parklands 

“I found the workshops most informative, well run and presented, with excellent accompanying paperwork provided by the presenters.  The workshops have provided our organisation with a greater understanding of the fundraising and philanthropic market and how we should develop our fundraising strategy.”


 Director, Matt Talbot Community Trust 

“The workshops gave us the chance to place ourselves within the sector and learn about the broader trends. The information provided in the workshops was always elaborated on within the context of our own organisation and the level of support we received outside of the workshops was excellent.” 



€5,000 per organisation (excl. VAT).

Costs are all inclusive and include refreshments. Fees are payable in two instalments 50% one month before commencement and 50% on delivery.

Participation includes a yearly subscription to 2into3’s Quarterly Fundraising Monitor service.

When & Where

Dublin Workshop series 1: Completed in May 2017

Dublin Workshop series 2: 

Irish Writers Centre, Dublin 1, 10am - 5pm (including lunch) 

Day 1: March

Day 2: April

Day 3: May

Day 1 will cover Workshops 1 - 4. Day 2 will cover Workshops 5 - 7. Day 3 will cover Workshops 8 - 10.


2into3 Group Consulting on the Road

Limerick/Cork Series.

Dates and Venue TBC depending on the location of participating organisations.

Do you and other organisations in your area need assitance in developing an effective fundraising strategy? If so, please contact 2into3 to arrange a Group Consulting Workshop series in your region.

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