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For those organisations that are entering fundraising for the first time, considering a new fundraising strategy due to an updated or changing organisational strategy or looking at significantly increased fundraising goals, 2into3 recommends the development of a fundraising strategy. This involves a high level of stakeholder engagement using the following model:



Funding Model Diagnostic

2into3 work with our clients to understand their current sources of income and the cost of delivering their mission while also looking at the factors that impact on both their future sources of income and the cost of delivering on their mission. 

Scope-how much is needed ?

2into3 actively work with our clients to identify the scale of support required through a thorough understanding of the organisation's current economic model and financial position. We also incorporate our client's long-term vision and from that develop a structured business plan.

Plan-how can this be raised ?

2into3 tailor a fundraising strategy specific to each client. Our experienced consultants develop a fundraising mix appropriate to the needs and structure of an organisation. We provide a clearly outlined strategy, combining achievable targets, a structured campaign; identification of the resources required and recommended organisational design.

Prospect Identification-who can support ?

In association with our partner company Prospect23, 2into3 will identify a list of qualified potential donors and appropriate 'askers'. 2into3's clients are provided with a set of usable donor records enabling them to establish a target focused fundraising campaign.

Case-why give ?

2into3 provide our clients with a 'case', a detailed dossier clearly outlining the core arguments for funding. This document can be used in a variety of ways, with a range of potential donors and funding applications.


2into3 offers the additional service of implementation if so desired. Implementation can involve recruitment, a contract for service or ongoing support (or a combination) to the client to assist in the execution of their fundraising strategy.

To learn more about how a new fundraising strategy can benefit your organisation please contact Amy Power on +353 (0) 1 234 3165 or Dennis O'Connor  on +353 (0)1 234 3184




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