Investment in fundraising capacity building such as Fundraising Strategy Development, Fundraising Review and/or Implementation is a significant decision for a Not-for-profit and should generate an adequate return on investment.

Organisations that have invested in developing new fundraising strategies or reviewing fundraising and have followed through with implementation have gotten a return on that investment, over time. Such data is typically confidential but peer references can be provided prior to any commitment to working with 2into3.

The RAISE pilot, a fundraising capacity building initiative of the Arts Council where 2into3 is the project manager, has published some data in aggregate for the 11 organisations who had assistance from 2into3 in Fundraising strategy development  and who followed through with implementation (again with 2into3 support in recruitment). The results to date show a 27% increase in performance in the 1st year after implementation has commenced and are on target a cumulative 50% increase in the 2nd year with a target of 100% increase by the 3rd year. This represents a strong return on investment, 66% return in the 1st year of implementation, more than 100% (net) in the 2nd year and if on target will exceed a net 200% in the 3rd year. 

This data is indicative of what could happen for your organisation. In our experience investment in consulting only gets a return if followed through with implementation and takes time. 

To learn more about our Fundraising Consulting services please contact Dennis O'Connor  on +353 (0)1 234 3184

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