2into3 Quarterly Fundraising Monitor - Fundraised Income Up 3%

(15 Mar 2017)

Fundraised income in the Not-for-Profit sector has increased by 3% in Quarter 3 for the 9 months ending September 2016 compared to the same period in 2015, when excluding emergency appeal income. This finding has emerged from the latest 2into3 Quarterly Fundraising Monitor which also found that, over the same period, there are significantly differing experiences of fundraising within the sector, for example;

  • Social Services experienced an increase in fundraised income
  • International Development experienced a decrease, even when emergency appeal income is removed

As organisations look towards the future and their ability to make a difference, within and outside of Irish society, the need for bridging the knowledge gap present in the Not-for-Profit sector becomes clear. While advancements have been made, the sector still lacks sufficient up-to-date data to enable organisations to benchmark their performance, and to benefit from shared knowledge.

2into3’s Quarterly Fundraising Monitor is a key tool in enabling organisations to compare fundraised income, methods and costs with other organisations, both within and across subsectors. While maintaining their anonymity, organisations will be able to assess their fundraising strategy and to make knowledge-based, cutting-edge decisions. The data looks at quarterly fluctuations in fundraised income, while taking into account a more linear analysis to provide a well-rounded picture of the fundraising landscape in Ireland.

Armed with this type of information, an organisation’s ability to advocate and make donors aware of the critical importance of their work dramatically improves. Decision-making at management and board level can take advantage of an evidence-informed approach.

If your experience differs to the market or you want to find out more on the fundraising mix, cost and trend across the Not-for-Profit sector, please contact Elena Stocchiero of 2into3 at elena.stocchiero@2into3.com.

About 2into3

2into3 are Ireland's specialist advisors and capacity builders for the not-for-profit sector. Since 2006 2into3 have assisted a wide range of Not-for-Profits by providing consulting, recruitment, research and capacity building services. 2into3 provides a Quarterly Fundraising Monitor service offering subscribed organisations with the most up-to-date, frequent and comprehensive information on Ireland’s fundraising landscape enabling fundraisers, board members and management to compare fundraised income, methods and costs with other organisations, both within and across subsectors.


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