2into3's Group Consulting Workshop gets underway.

(25 Jan 2017)





Amy Power, Consultant @ 2into3


We are proud to announce that 2into3’s Group Consulting fundraising strategy development workshop series has gotten under way this Wednesday morning the 25th of January, at The Emmaus Centre, Swords. Our Group Consulting Model is tailored to support the needs of smaller clients in the area of fundraising strategy development.

For each workshop series, 2into3 works with up to 5 organisations in a high quality collaborative process in order to develop capacity and customised fundraising strategies. By the end of the process participants will be equipped with a fundraising strategy tailored to their organisation according to best practice standards, increased capacity on how to build donor networks and a coherent understanding of fundraising at an organisational level.

2into3 adopts a group workshop model, using a proven approach to preparing a fundraising strategy. The model utilises 2into3’s experience in conjunction with Prospect 23, Diaspora Matters and invited experts. The organisations work through the stages of the process simultaneously with advice and instruction.

Participation includes a yearly subscription to 2into3’s Quarterly Fundraising Monitor service. If you want to find out more about 2into3s Quarterly Fundraising Monitor click here

To express interest in our group consulting workshops or for more information, contact Amy Power, Consultant on amy.power@2into3.com or call 01 234 3165






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