Dealing with Reality

(04 Jan 2017)

Back in the 1980’s the publication of Joe Lee’s Ireland, 1912-1985: Politics and Society challenged how we viewed ourselves and asked us to consider how the country had performed (both economically and as a society) compared both to the goals established on independence and relative to peers. The reality did not fit with the rhetoric and a national debate commenced only to be silenced by the boom which persuaded us that all was well (when it wasn’t). The crash of 2008 shook us again but we still struggle, as a Nation, with facts when they do not fit with our view of how things should be.

Reflecting on 2016 and the Not-for-Profit sector which 2into3 serves, this reluctance at times, to allow facts (or evidence) to inform decision making rears its head again. 2into3’s plans for 2017 is to continue to assist clients deliver on their missions by providing evidenced informed advice and to work with the sector to improve its capacity to perform.

For 2into3, 2016 saw significant growth in recruitment and a number of transformative projects where strategy development was followed through with implementation. Our footprint in Health, Religion and Education expanded on our strong base in Social Services and the Arts. Research output increased and was well received. We moved offices and grew our team to mark a very strong 10th year.

In 2017 we plan to build on these achievements and widen our sectoral scope in areas such as Sport and International Development.  We launch our Group Consulting Service, which makes our Fundraising Strategy Development process accessible to a wider range of organisations, in January. In particular, we aim to build the base of organisations using our Quarterly Fundraising Monitor to provide the evidence needed to enhance performance and to complement our Annual Fundraising Performance Report.

The evidence, from our research and other sources, has for a number of years now demonstrated that giving in Ireland has been growing since 2010 and yet lags our peers (in UK especially) significantly. This indicates the potential for substantial increases in the resources available to deliver on missions if action is taken at both a sectoral and organisational level. The not-for-profit sector needs to accept that our tax code is adversely affecting giving and work collectively to change it. This will augment the improved transparency that the work of the Charity Regulator is delivering. At an organisational level action is needed to improve effectiveness as the cost of fundraising is higher than our peers.

We look forward to working with ambitious Not-for-Profit organisations to help them meet their and the sectors goals in 2017.

Happy New Year

Dennis O’Connor


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