DM Appeals rising sharply, Regular/Committed Giving rising gently with Health best in class

(21 Jul 2017)

2into3 Diretor Dennis O'Connor speaking at the not-for-profit DM Forum

Based on research from the Quarterly Fundraising Monitor direct marketing Appeals are rising sharply, while Regular/Committed Giving is rising gently. Research suggests a strong difference among subsectors in terms of investment with Health the star performer focusing on longitudinal trends, both for income and cost for DM Appeals and Regular/Committed Giving.

These are some of the findings delivered to the not-for-profit DM Forum, a quarterly meeting of fundraising, communication and marketing professionals, yesterday. 2into3 engaged with attendees on how the Quarterly Fundraising Monitor can be developed further to provide even more useful information for the sector. With regular giving attrition benchmarking being raised a number of times in the Forum, 2into3 plans to respond by including this and several other micro-level metrics in future versions.

2into3 always endeavours to provide the most beneficial analysis to participating organisations and the Quarterly Fundraising Monitor Report now covers 13 full quarters of self-reported fundraised income from participating organisations.

2into3 has recently established partnerships with Dochás, The Wheel and the Federation of Irish Sport which means that a discount rate applies for member organisations joining the Quarterly Fundraising Monitor.

If your experience differs to the market or you want to find out more on the fundraising mix, cost and trends across the not-for-profit sector, please contact Elena Stocchiero of 2into3 at or on 012343124.

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