Don't Keep Fundraising in a Silo

(03 Jul 2017)



A fundraising Strategy is fundamental to success but is often overlooked and not integrated into overall strategic plans.

At The Wheel Conference 2017, 2into3 Consultant Amy Power delivered a fundraising strategy development MasterClass where participants were presented with a 4 Step Process around the key elements of Fundraising Strategy Development; 


Using evidence from 2into3 research, participants were informed of the fundraising landscape in Ireland as well as core fundraising concepts and principles necessary to develop a fundraising strategy. Through a recent case study, participants were also given context around outputs and outcomes in developing a fundraising strategy.

The core components of the 2into3 Fundraising Strategy Development Workshop Series that supports the needs of smaller clients were also presented. For each workshop series, 2into3 works with up to 5 organisations in a high quality collaborative process in order to develop capacity and customised fundraising strategies. During the 10 workshops participants develop an achievable, organisation-specific fundraising strategy, gain an in-depth knowledge of the fundraising marketplace, an awareness of how to identify prospects and skills to ask for support.

For more information about the 2into3 Fundraising Strategy Development Workshop Series, which takes place September - December 2017 in Dublin, please contact Amy Power at or on 01 2343165.

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