Faith Drives Giving in The US

(03 Nov 2017)


2into3 welcome the findings of the just published ‘Giving to Religion Report’ by Giving USA, which takes an in depth look at giving to Religion. The report particularly focuses on the demographic of those that give and the impact on average annual charitable contributions.

This sector represents nearly 1/3 of all charitable donations in the US, more than double the amount given by the next highest income sector, Education. Despite the number of donors giving within generational cohorts having declined in the U.S, giving is steady among those who give. Moreover, there is a trend towards religious giving as income increases, in both number of individuals who give and the amount given. While this is the same for other charitable causes, average annual gift amounts to such causes are substantially less than the average annual gift to religious institutions across income levels. 2into3’s recently published 7th Fundraising Performance report found that Religion accounted for 15% of philanthropic income in 2015, and that the Religion subsector experienced a steep 74% increase in fundraised income. Similar to Ireland, there is a recognition that the scale of giving to Religion in the U.S may be under reported given that many Religious organisations are not required to file with the IRS.

Despite the growth and significance of giving to Religion, the recording and benchmarking of such information is extremely challenging both in Ireland and the U.S. 2into3’s Quarterly Fundraising Monitor aims at bridging this gap by responding to the identified need in the sector for more frequent and up-to-date reporting on fundraising performance as well as the ability to benchmark organisational performance against peers both within and across subsectors and by size of organisation. To date 5 subsectors have addressed this gap and 2into3 call on the Religion subsector to subscribe to this service and provide data to more accurately understand and gain insight from this interesting time for religion and philanthropy.

For more information about the 2into3 Quarterly Fundraising Monitor please call 2into3 Analyst Elena Stocchiero on 01 234 3124 or at

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