For every €1 invested in 2016 €3.33 was raised from fundraising in Ireland

(08 May 2017)











Fundraised income in the Not-for-Profit sector has increased by 3% in 2016 over 2015 on a full year basis (excluding emergency direct marketing appeal income) and the average cost to fundraise €1 was 30cent or for every euro invested €3.33 was raised in 2016.

These findings emerged from the latest 2into3 Quarterly Fundraising Monitor which also found that there are significantly differing trends in fundraising income within the sector such with as:

  • Social Services experienced a significant increase in fundraising in 2016 vs 2015
  • International Development increased moderately in 2016 (excluding emergency direct marketing appeal income).
  • Health increased fundraising increased marginally over 2015
  • Arts, Culture, Media fundraising fell in 2016 vs 2015.

The recent Benefacts Nonprofit Sector Analysis report was a welcome addition to the data available on the sector and is particularly helpful in profiling the sector in terms of income, employment, salary levels and levels of state funding. The report states that “it is impossible to analyse the costs of this fundraising effort using currently-prevailing standards of financial reporting”. 2into3’s Quarterly Fundraising Monitor allows participating organisations to benchmark their costs on a timely basis.

If your experience differs to the market or you want to find out more on the fundraising mix, cost and trends across the Not-for-Profit sector, please contact Elena Stocchiero of 2into3 at

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2into3 transforms Not-for-profits through consulting, recruitment and research. 2into3 provides a Quarterly Fundraising Monitor service offering subscribed organisations with the most up-to-date, frequent and comprehensive information on Ireland’s fundraising landscape enabling fundraisers, board members and management to compare fundraised income, methods and costs with other organisations, both within and across subsectors.

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