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   Holly Johnson                                             Lucy Durack                                                       Kevin O'Sullivan 

   CUH Charity                                                Chester Beatty Library                                      Focus Ireland 


2into3 Not–for–profit Graduate Programme. 2into3 have placed 31 Graduates as paid Interns into the Not-for-Profit sector since 2011. Following a review of that scheme we have evolved our graduate programme from an internship to a traineeship, lengthening the programme to 12 months and increasing the recommended remuneration to €1,500 per month. The intent behind the evolution of 2into3’s programme is to bridge the gap in attracting the best graduate talent on the market to the sector, an area in which the not-for-profit sector is currently underperforming in comparison to its private and public sector peers. Further to that we believe that through our process of competitive remuneration and an excellent support structure, our service offering is the best possible way to attract and retain this talent and will in turn strengthen the sector and its future viability.

The majority of the 31 graduates placed into not-for-profitd have converted into full-time permanent positions within the host organisation. There are currently 3 trainees active in the programme including Holly Johnson, who has been placed with the CUH Charity in Cork as a Fundraising Coordinator. Kevin O’Sullivan, an alumnus of the Programme is now a member of the Corporate Partnership team at Focus Ireland. Kevin was also nominated for emerging fundraiser of the year in 2016 by Charities Institute Ireland. Lucy Durack, another alumna of the Programme, has recently taken over as Head of Development at the Chester Beatty Library after entering the Programme five years ago as a development intern at the Wexford Opera Festival.

The structure of the traineeship will remain largely the same; with the client we agree a mandate for 2into3 to place a trainee for a specific purpose and with a view to future employment. We advertise the role and present a shortlist of high potential candidates with the client making the final selection. We work with the client and trainee to ensure ongoing and consistent performance.  

For the duration of the programme each trainee is mentored by 2into3’s Director, Dennis O’Connor. Monthly sessions are held which aim to assist the trainee in setting direction, clarifying professional and personal development goals, assessing their skills and gaining support and advice. The trainee also gains membership of 2into3’s graduate network on LinkedIn as well as an invitation to attend quarterly Roundtable events with pivotal figures from the sector.

If you feel that a trainee could add value to your organisation, please contact 2into3’s Not-for-Profit Graduate Programme coordinator Adrian McCarthy for more information at or call direct on +353 (1) 234 3135.

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