The 2into3 Quarterly Recruitment Monitor Quarter 1 (2017)

The 2into3 Quarterly Recruitment Monitor tracks trends and provides insight on management level recruitment in the not-for-profit sector on a quarterly basis.








Executive Succession Planning for Not-For-Profits (2013)

This paper is part of 2into3’s Organisational Capacity Building Series. Its purpose is to initiate dialogue about Succession Planning in the not-for-profit sector in Ireland and how best practice in organisational capacity building might be developed.









Boardroom Guide to Organisational Capacity Building (2012)

Overcoming the Management Deficit in Ireland's Not-for-Profit Sector

A not-for-profit's foremost duty is to fulfil its mission effectively. In most cases it is imperative for the not-for-profit to consistently carry out its mission on a long-term basis, or in other words, to be sustainable. This vital link between an organisation's mission, effectiveness and sustainability rests in its leaders, their ability to plan into the future, to put in place succession strategies and to deliver funding for long-term sustainability.






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