Rogare Report calls for Benchmarking

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2into3 welcome the recent Critical Fundraising Report published by the Rogare/Hartsook Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy. 2into3 champion the use of evidence to inform fundraising decision making and address challenges facing the fundraising sector. To this effect, 2into3 responded to an identified need in the sector for more frequent and up-to-date reporting on the performance of the sector as well as the ability to benchmark organisational performance against peers both within and across subsectors and by size of organisation.

The 2into3 Quarterly Fundraising Monitor was developed in partnership with Fundraising Ireland and other fundraising professionals. The ethos of addressing challenges and providing solutions still underpins the service, with continued input from subscribing organisations with regards to additional and more detailed metrics. Currently 2into3 are developing a set of questions on Direct Marketing and Regular & Committed Giving as a direct response of consultation with the ‘DM Forum’ regarding attrition and retention.

Participation in the Quarterly Fundraising Monitor has gone from strength to strength, starting with 19 champion organisations in year one to 32 organisations in year 3. While this is an achievement and a testament to the growing realisation for reliable and up-to-date benchmarking, more organisations need to subscribe and promote a culture of evidence-informed decision making. We thank the organisations currently championing the service and welcome those not yet engaged to participate.

For more information about the 2into3 Quarterly Fundraising Monitor please call Elena on 01 2343124 or at

Discounts for The Wheel and Fundingpoint members apply on subscription to the Quarterly Fundraising Monitor. Members of The Wheel can avail of a 25% discount on 1st year subscription fee and 10% thereafter. Fundingpoint subscribers can avail of 50% discount on 1st year subscription fee and 10% thereafter.

Discounted rates for subscription to the Quarterly Fundraising Monitor also apply for members of Dóchas and the Federation of Irish Sport of 25% on 1st year subscription fee and 10% after respectively.


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