The 2into3 Quarterly Recruitment Monitor for the Not-for-Profit sector

(07 Apr 2017)


We are delighted to be adding a Quarterly Recruitment Monitor to 2into3’s regular research output. In Quarter 1 of 2017 some 82 management roles were advertised across the not-for-profit sector. Health and Social Services accounted for over 60% of roles advertised with management talent in Services & Operations or Fundraising & Commercial most in demand. The full report can be found here.

With the current unemployment rate standing at 6.4% and projected to fall further throughout 2017, not-for-profit organisations will face an increasing challenge in filling roles directly. The advantage of using 2into3’s specialist recruitment service means that your organisation not only ends up with an appointable candidate, but has a selection of candidates to choose from. Our average number of shortlisted candidates in 2016 was 4. Out of these, the average number of appointable candidates was 2. We are able to achieve this due to the strength of our talent database, our proven process and our brands reputation with candidates when roles are advertised. 

As always, we welcome feedback so that we can enhance future reports.

For more information on 2into3's recruitment services please contact company Director Dennis O’Connor at or on 01 2343184 or Recruitment Coordinator Adrian McCarthy at or on 01 2343135.


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