The Wheel: Fundraising Review Webinar 2017

(14 Nov 2017)



This past Friday 2into3 partners The Wheel hosted their Fundraising Review of 2017 Webinar. The Wheel regularly host webinars for their 1,400 members and serve as a chance to connect with organisations across the not-for-profit sphere in Ireland. 2into3 Consultant Amy Power joined David Muldoon, Corporate Partnership Manager, UNICEF Ireland and host Brian Walsh, Business Development Officer at The Wheel on the webinar panel.

Over the course of the webinar the panellists discussed and shared valuable insights on the issues of fundraising trends, partnerships and careers in fundraising.

Drawing on findings from the 2into3 Not-for-Profit Sector Fundraising Performance Report 2017 the panel discussed the fact that Ireland lags the UK and the US in terms of per capita giving and the reasons behind this. Amy Power detailed “the tax incentive to give and the fact that Ireland has the least amount of trusts and foundations in Europe and different level of intergenerational wealth” as causes of Ireland being behind its neighbours.

With data showing that the traditional fundraising methods are now the most costly, partnerships for not-for-profit organisations are becoming increasingly important. Amy Power would advise organisations to take a “holistic approach to fundraising. To diversify their fundraising model by looking to move towards more long term and sustainable planning. Methods like major gifts, corporate partnerships, trust and foundations and legacies; the relationship fundraising methods”.

On the topic of careers in the Irish not-for-profit sector the panel spoke about how there are now a greater number of opportunities. This is largely due to a shift in approach from not-for-profit organisations that are now employing full time fundraisers. The need for graduates to be given a clear path into the sector was also raised with the 2into3 Not-for-Profit Graduate Programme praised for being the only of its kind providing opportunities for the best graduate talent to enter and to progress to mid-level, and eventually senior positions.

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