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A group consulting model tailored to support the needs of smaller clients in the area of risk management strategy. For each workshop series, 2into3 will work with up to 5 organisations in a high quality collaborative process in order to develop capacity and customised risk management plans. During the 8 workshops, run over four half day sessions, participants develop an achievable, organisation-specific risk management strategy, gain an in-depth knowledge of the tools and techniques required to establish and maintain good risk practice, an awareness of how to identify future risk areas and resources to use to support their efforts.

Suitable for organisations:

  • With no clearly developed Risk Management strategy or methodology.

  • With existing Risk processes in place but facing new issues or challenges.

  • Looking to review and update their internal processes and governance.












Using proven best practice processes, the Risk Consulting workshop series will work with participants to review strategy, governance, operations and future issues/opportunities (horizons). By the end of the series, participants will have crafted a relevant and focussed Risk Management process for their own organisation and shared their challenges and learnings with other participants to create a more robust and informed approach, and clear steps to follow when risks materialise.












  • A thorough knowledge of key organisational area issues and opportunities

  • A clearly defined step-by-step approach to implementing and maintaining risk management within the organisation

  • Practical steps and tools to assist the organisation to develop and maintain their own risk management planning and execution


Assumptions for participation

  • The organisation must have sufficient buy-in at Board and senior executive level.  The CEO, a Board representative, and other relevant staff representative will be required to attend each workshop and input into the risk planning and development process.

  • The organisation must be willing to face issues raised and make changes as a result of the planning and development process.

  • The organisation should fundamentally want to put themselves in a more secure and well managed position.

For further information on any of 2into3’s Risk Management Workshop Series please contact 2into3 Consultant, Amy Power at amy.power@2into3.com or call direct on 01 234 3165, or 2into3 Associate, Joe Houghton at joe.houghton@2into3.com or 086 384 3670.


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