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2into3 is Ireland's only specialist recruiting service for the not-for-profit sector. Our experience allows us to recognise the needs of organisations and the ever increasing demand on the capabilities of top level executives. 2into3’s commitment to the sector gives us a special insight into the complex challenges and constraints leaders are expected to contend with when managing the increasing need for effectiveness and efficiency within this environment.


Our Directors, Associates and Consultants have direct experience at Board and senior management levels within the cause-based sector. In addition, we have extensive relevant private sector experience. Equally we recognise the importance which diversity of experience can bring to both organisations and executives. 2into3 have invested in the cultivation of a substantial pool of national and international talent spanning sectors and comprising of people who wish to utilise their professional capabilities to impact a civic mission in Ireland.


2into3’s knowledge, reputation, expertise and processes ensures that we can deliver for our clients. We generate strong candidate pools and have an excellent track record in completing assignments in a timely manner. 


We are a trusted advisor to client organisations in education and research, arts, culture and heritage, health, housing and development, social services, religious groups, international development and sports and recreation, as well as foundations and philanthropists.


For more information on 2into3's Recruitment Services please contact Dennis O'Connor on +353 (0)1 234 3184 


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