Irish Giving Index

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Introducing the Irish Giving Index

The Irish Giving Index (formally known as the Quarterly Fundraising Monitor by 2into3) is an aggregate of individual not-for-profit organisations’ fundraising income, costs and gift levels.

The objective is to inform organisations’ fundraising decision making through verified and reliable insights. Since Covid-19 the Irish Giving Index now includes monthly reporting.  

Benefits of the Irish Giving Index

  • Use the data-driven evidence of the Index to inform your Senior Management teams and Board
  • Provide clear insights into Irish Fundraising landscape
  • Track your performance compared to peer organisations
  • Brings greater fundraising awareness and knowledge to your organisation

Did you know?

The average cost to raise €1 in 2019 was €0.28. However, this varies by method of fundraising.

How it works

Participants will submit their fundraising details confidentially. This includes: fundraised income on a monthly level and their fundraising costs, gift levels, full-time equivalent fundraisers and sponsorship on a quarterly basis. 

All data is then examined by our team with report findings presented overall and then by subsector and organisational size.